2018 Ann D Clark Lecture

6 June 2018
Professor Louise Stoll. Image: CEDP.


The Annual Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Ann D Clarke Lecture was held on Monday, 28 May 2018.

More than 750 teachers and community leaders gathered at Penrith Panthers to learn from guest speaker Louise Stoll, Professor of Professional Learning at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at University College London’s Institute of Education. Louise’s presentation challenged those there to think deeply about what schools need to do in order to prepare young people for their world now and into the future.

Louise addressed the topic “Navigating the 7 cs together: learning organisations for the future”. The “7 cs” referenced in the topic are curiosity, creativity, challenge, confidence, circulation, catalysts and caring. Louise’s research focuses on how schools and education systems create capacity for learning in a changing world, with particular emphasis on professional learning communities and learning networks, creative leadership and leadership development.

During an engaging address, Louise encouraged her listeners to go beyond the “comfort zone” in their own professional learning. This included sharing her own experiences of taking a stand-up comedy course! Louise also praised the curiosity of children and young people, advising that children under four ask 73 questions a day on average. In contrast, on average, a 44 year-old asks just six questions daily! Her charismatic lecture included revealing a love of singing in a jazz choir!

Stating, “we need to prepare children for their future, not their parents’ past”, Louise made a compelling case for the need for change in education. This emphasised the role of schools and teachers in effecting change, as well as the need for leadership in supporting quality professional learning opportunities at a system level. There was also high praise for curiosity, risk-taking and recognition of the value of failure in the learning process. Those listening were also heartened to hear a strong focus on student wellbeing.

Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta staff and supporters were energised by Professor Louise Stoll’s affirming address. If you would like to view this exceptional professional learning resource, please note that the 2018 Ann D Clarke Lecture was also live-streamed on Facebook and can be viewed in full here.

With thanks to CEDP.


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