3 prayer tips that will improve your life—whether you’re a person of faith or not

By Fr Jim McDermott S.J., 21 January 2022
Image: Unsplash.


This week, “The Guardian” released a list of “100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying. ”It is excellent. Among my personal favorites are No. 55, “Learn the name of ten trees”; No. 30, “Be polite to rude strangers—it’s oddly thrilling”; and No. 100, “For instant cheer, wear yellow.”

At the same time, when I got to the end of the list, part of me wondered: Why isn’t there some version of “Take two minutes to pray/meditate” on this list?

I know, of course the priest is pushing for prayer. Not everyone believes in Jesus, Father, or in God. Save your “Say the rosary” recruitment drive for Sunday Mass.

But I’m not suggesting you need to take a knee and say or think some set of words. It is about taking a moment to put yourself into relationship with something bigger than us, however you understand that—God, our ancestors, the universe.

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With thanks to Jim McDermott, S.J. and America magazine, where this article originally appeared.


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