81-year-old grandmother gets “Don’t euthanize me” tattoo

“She doesn’t want to be thrown away,” her daughter said.
Image: www.freelifephotography.com

This story first appeared on Aleteia, by Patty Knap.


Christine Nagel is an 81-year-old grandmother from Calgary.  She’s just had the words, “Don’t euthanize me” tattooed on her arm.

Her decision to get a tattoo comes after Canada legalized assisted suicide last summer.

The tattoo is “drastic,” she admits but told the Canadian news outlet GlobalNews.ca. that it “very clearly says, ‘I’m going to live until God’s ready for me.’”

Nagel said she opposes assisted suicide because she sees people using it as an easy way out of taking care of the sick, disabled and elderly.

Read the full story on Aleteia here.

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