A pleasure and responsibility: Monica’s youth ministry

By Jordan Grantham, 26 September 2018
Monica Tomayo. Image: Diocese of Parramatta.


Monica Tamayo is a dedicated young woman, prioritising God, family and then work.

She embodies the virtues of pietas and humility, as exemplified in the mano of Filipino culture, placing one’s forehead on the back of the hand of a respected elder or member of the clergy.

They are virtues she learned early in life from the sacrifice of parents who strenuously laboured for the wellbeing of their children in the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia.

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“They moved here so they could be with us,” she told Catholic Outlook.

The demands of work were separating them and it would require more years of struggle to bring them together.

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She speaks lightly of the responsibilities she has taken on, including completing multiple degrees, working several jobs and volunteering extensively in St Aidan’s Parish, Rooty Hill.

Monica began to consider the deeper meaning behind the fun of her childhood youth group and ways she could contribute. This became especially clear during World Youth Day Sydney in 2008.

Now she has completed close to ten years of service as a committee member of St Aidan’s Eucharistic Youth Ministry, serving with her close friend Jay-Ann Gutierrez.

She currently works as CRM, Development and Bequest Specialist for the Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Parramatta.



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