Archbishop Costelloe to deliver lectures in Parramatta and Melbourne

By Amanda Murthy, 25 May 2021


The Church of Australia continues its preparations for the First Assembly of the Plenary Council (PC), set to take place in October 2021.

Various dialogue, discernment, and discussions are being held, including an upcoming public lecture led by Plenary Council President Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB in Parramatta and Melbourne.

The Parramatta lecture is scheduled for Monday, 28 June, 7pm, at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and the Melbourne lecture is set to take place on Wednesday, 30 June, 5pm, at Newman College Parkville as part of a Helder Camara lecture series.

Speaking to The Record, Parramatta’s Vicar for Communications, Brother Mark O’Connor FMS said that it is crucial for the various dioceses to inform each other of the local ‘pulse’ and share with one another the joys and anxieties of the local churches, as the upcoming assembly approaches.

“It will be insightful to hear from a leader like Archbishop Costelloe about his observations, concerns, hopes and dreams for this important Synodal process being undertaken by the church in Australia,” Br O’Connor said.

“Many Catholics are very interested and committed to this process which has also gained international church attention, including praise from Pope Francis.”

Br O’Connor added that Parramatta Bishop Vincent Long’s strong commitment to the pastoral approach of Pope Francis has inspired the diocese to foster dialogue, justice, peace, and communion.

“We are so happy to have Archbishop Costelloe in Parramatta to highlight what’s been achieved so far, to provide some clarifications about the process of the Pastoral Council, and have a discussion of people’s hopes, criticisms and fears about the synodal process,” Br O’Connor cited.

“To have the Archbishop offer word of encouragement and hope to lay people especially and assure the people that they are being listened to, is our aim.”

The Parramatta public lecture will be available in person, with the option to livestream: .

To register and attend the lecture in person, email:

Please note that places are limited for physical attendance, due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. RSVP closes on 25 June.

By Amanda Murthy. Reproduced with permission from The Record, the news publication of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth.


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