‘At The Well’ Episode 19 is live

25 July 2021


Episode 19 of the At The Well podcast is now available.

In this episode, co-hosts Catholic Youth Parramatta Local Engagement Leader, Qwayne Guevara, and writer and mother Joy Adan, are joined by Mei Velasco, who has spent years working in social work and is a new mother.

As the session was recorded during the current stay-at-home orders in Greater Sydney, the three women discuss the realities they are facing, and how do we bring together our physical, mental and spiritual health into a single approach of growth and development.

“Staying mentally, physically, emotionally fit comes with its challenges, but it also comes with a lot of fruit and a lot of benefits both spiritually and physically,” Joy said.

Qwayne added, “it’s so important for us to realise just how interconnected everything that we do is, not just externally but definitely in what we consume.”

The women then stressed the importance that having a healthy body has can have on our spiritual life, as the Catechism of the Catholic Church mentions how life and physical health are precious gifts from God.

Mei explained that like our bodies, prayer is something that is important to have self-discipline in, and that it is a muscle that you need to keep strengthening and nurturing as well.

“I think it’s important for us to recognise that sometimes we do need rest days for our bodies, and that’s important as part of our physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing, because if we don’t give ourselves that time to rest, we can then get caught up into this feeling of not being our best,” she said.

Joy added, “My body is a gift from God, and it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I am a human tabernacle, I receive Jesus in the Eucharist, I carry Him in me, it is actually an honour as well as a duty to take care of this temple. So everything that I should be doing for my body, whether its fuelling it with good food or making sure I exercise and keep it strong, all of that should be for the glory of God.”

The podcast is a chance to build on the joys of Catholic Youth Parramatta’s At The Well evenings for young women on a more regular basis, a chance to give a feminine perspective on questions of faith and life, and to continue the conversations sparked during the face-to-face gatherings.

At The Well is an initiative of the Diocese of Parramatta, through its youth ministry Catholic Youth Parramatta.

You can listen to this podcast and the previous episodes on The Well. You can also tune in via Soundcloud by visiting tinyurl.com/atthewellcyp and on Spotify by searching for ‘Catholic Youth Parramatta’.

You can submit your questions or contact the hosts through the At The Well Facebook group.


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