Austen Ivereigh on Pope Francis and the Catholic Media

20 May 2020
Austen Ivereigh with Pope Francis. Image: Austen Ivereigh/Twitter.


In today’s episode of Peter’s Field Hospital, DW Lafferty and I are joined by papal biographer and journalist Austen Ivereigh, who recently conducted an interview with Pope Francis, the first of his papacy directed specifically to English-speaking Catholics.

We discussed how the interview came about and why he decided to publish it in Commonweal and The Tablet, and how Francis took the opportunity to deliver a strong message of conversion.

We also discussed the Catholic and secular media’s reception of the interview, which notably received no mention by EWTN or any of its affiliated outlets. This led to a broader discussion of the treatment of this papacy by US conservative Catholic media.

Mike Lewis is a writer and graphic designer from Maryland, having worked for many years in Catholic publishing. He’s a husband, father of four, and a lifelong Catholic. He’s active in his parish and community. He is the founding managing editor for Where Peter Is.

With thanks to Where Peter Is and Mike Lewis, where this article originally appeared.


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