Bishop Columba’s message for national drought prayer campaign

3 November 2019
Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green OSPPE, Bishop Of Wilcannia-Forbes. Image: ACBC/YouTube.


Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green OSPPE, Bishop Of Wilcannia-Forbes has released a message to accompany the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference’s National Prayer Campaign for Drought.

The Catholic Church in Australia is dedicating the month of November as a time to pray for those affected by crippling drought conditions and to pray for the gift of rain.

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Parishes, schools, families and other Catholic communities across the country are being encouraged to participate in the National Prayer Campaign for Drought, which also invites people to provide assistance to those most in need.

Bishop Columba’s diocese covers about half of New South Wales, including some of the most drought-affected areas in the country.

In his message, Bishop Columba said that praying for rain shows our humility.

“Rain is a gift. It’s a gift from God. When you don’t have that gift, you realise how precious the gift is.

“People out here in the bush really appreciate what a gift rain is. So, when we pray for rain, we’re not trying to tell God what to do. We’re actually admitting our humility, that we haven’t got control of everything.

“We actually need God’s providence and His care for us. That’s why we pray for rain.

“Pray for that gift in your own lives. Pray to God for an end to this drought. Pray for the victims of the drought. Pray for those people whose lives have been destroyed by the drought. Pray for resilience for people in drought-stricken areas,” Bishop Columba said.

Prayer resources have been developed for parishes, schools, communities and families to participate in the National Prayer Campaign. They can be accessed at

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