Campion College more than triples scholarship for 2021 students

18 June 2020
Image: Campion College.


Campion College, Australia’s first tertiary liberal arts college, has more than tripled the amount of money awarded to all new students who enrol early to study in 2021.

In view of the financial hardship and uncertainty facing many Australians due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sydney-based college has decided to increase its Early Enrolment Scholarship from $1500 to $5000 per student.

Those wishing to be eligible for the Early Enrolment Scholarship must be Australian residents planning to commence in 2021 as full-time students and accept their letter of offer by Thursday 15 October 2020. Year 12 students applying for an Early Offer will also be eligible to receive the scholarship.

“There isn’t a single person in the country who hasn’t been touched in some way by this virus or the lockdown,” Campion president Dr Paul Morrissey said.

“Many have lost jobs, livelihoods and loved ones. We feel it’s important to acknowledge this and to help new students undertake Campion’s high-ranking degree, particularly those who might not otherwise have had the chance.”

The latest national Student Experience Survey showed Campion achieved a 96.3 per cent overall student satisfaction rate – topping not only the highest university score of 93 per cent but punching well above the 78 per cent national average.

“I strongly encourage anyone with a love of learning, including those who haven’t yet settled on a career path, to consider enrolling at Campion for 2021, especially in view of this fantastic scholarship offer, thanks to our very generous sponsors,” Dr Morrissey said.

Campion offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts in the Liberal Arts and a one-year Diploma of Liberal Arts.

The scholarship can be deposited directly into the student’s bank account, or used to reduce tuition or accommodation fees. The latter option would be particularly useful for interstate students as it effectively reduces on-campus accommodation costs by 50 per cent.

Learn more about the Early Enrolment Scholarship:

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