Campion College Women’s Lunch Celebrates Women

By Yvette Nehme, 13 June 2024
Guest Veronica Dening (left) receiving a rose from Campion student Molly Doran at Campion Women's Lunch at Campion College, Old Toongabbie. Image: Campion College Australia/Supplied


On Tuesday 4 June, after a hiatus of several years, Campion College Australia hosted the Campion Women’s Lunch, welcoming 100 women to celebrate the college’s achievements and hear from inspiring speakers.

Ms. Sophie York, who is a great supporter of Campion College and who had served 8 years on the College Board introduced our guest speaker Margaret Cunneen SC. Sophie highlighted Margaret’s impressive legal career and personal achievements. She went on to mention that Margaret now works as a defender at the private bar, advocating for justice and upholding high standards. Her story, detailed in her book “The Boxing Butterfly,” is a testament to her strength and perseverance.

Margaret recounted stories about her upbringing and family, expressing concern over the current legal and educational systems, which she believes sometimes prioritise agendas and political correctness over justice and fairness. She also reflected on the growing mistrust between genders and its impact on young men and families, advocating for a renewed focus on the faith and traditional values of those present and exemplified at Campion College to address societal challenges.

“Thank you for the fellowship of you all and thank you for what Campion does for the future, because we certainly need it more than ever,” she said.

Margaret Cunneen SC (second left) with members of the Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce – Sophie Najjarin, Dina Kheir, Nerva Kay Ghamraoui and Antionette Khalil at the Campion Women’s Lunch at Campion College, Old Toongabbie. Image: Campion College Australia/Supplied

Following Margaret’s inspiring talk, second-year student Pieta Winkels, took to the stage. Pieta shared that she initially planned to attend Campion College for just a year, viewing it as an alternative to a gap year before starting a double degree in Melbourne. However, as the year progressed, she became more dedicated to her studies, joined leadership and pro-life teams, and came to appreciate Campion’s emphasis on critical thinking, logical argumentation, and faith formation as a valuable investment in her future.

“In an environment where the social, intellectual, professional and spiritual areas of our lives stand as the pillars of the college, students have the liberty and unique opportunity to pursue a degree that sets them up for all aspects of their lives,” said Pieta.

The event concluded with a stirring rendition of “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera by first-year student Miette Salinas Byrne, accompanied on piano by second-year student Reshan Weerakkody, and a call for ongoing support from Campion College President, Dr Paul Morrissey.

“Please support us as we continue this vital mission that we have here at Campion, for the future of our nation,” he said. “Your support allows us to maintain our independence and continue to provide a distinctive, liberal arts education that prepares students to make a significant impact in society.”

Yvette Nehme is the Director of Development at Campion College Australia.

With thanks to Campion College Australia.


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