Cardinal Bo presents homily for Pentecost

23 May 2021
Cardinal Charles Bo SDB speaks during a video message for an online prayer service for Myanmar. Image: Supplied


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings.  Wish all of you a great Feast of Pentecost.  Happy Birthday to the Church.  Today the Church was born, empowered by the outpouring of the Spirit on the simple apostles in Jerusalem.   May the same Spirit fortify you in these days.  Let the Spirit of God protect you from all challenges.  Spirit is the Holy Spirit.  We believe all of us are gifted with the Spirit in our hearts.  The Spirit consoles us, the Spirit heals us,  the  Spirit unites us,  the Spirit dispels all darkness.   May the great feast of the Holy Spirit dawn on your heart, on your family, on our country and heal us, unite us, and dispel all the fear and the darkness.   Let this Pentecost be the starting point of hope for each one of us and to the nation.   Let this feast of empowerment and healing bring a Pentecost of peace to our nation.    It is a day of celebration of hope for Myanmar people.

The Pentecost:  Birth of the Church

Today is Pentecost, a day when we celebrate the birth of the church by the coming of the Holy Spirit. It is also a day that launched the church’s participation in Jesus’ mission to the world.

This is a great day of hope. Remember the first Pentecost on the disciples:  poor, uneducated, powerless, and anxious men were suddenly turned into powerful, fearless, and well-empowered apostles. They went on to establish Christ’s church in many parts of the Roman Empire.    The Holy Spirit was real.   Its power has survived more than two thousand years.   We are in the same situation: poor, anxious, the power of evil seems to be overwhelming.   This is the time we should expect the Spirit to work wonders in us.

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