Catholic Church, graves, bad government, and possibly no redemption!

By Gordon Wilson, 16 June 2021
Image: Simeon Muller/Unsplash.


Catholic Outlook publishes this pithy, humorous and a touch biblical opinion piece on the recent controversy about the administration of cemeteries in NSW.

Readers may have noticed stories concerning Minister Pavey handing the operation of graveyards to the NSW Public Service.

The NSW State Government’s Cabinet on 7 June 2021 put the whole take-over of Sydney cemeteries back into ‘discussions’  to buy time. The Roman Catholic Church is in Court with the Government, it has taken full-page advertisements in major metropolitan papers, is running an online petition and is preparing to run a ‘Greyhound’ style campaign against the Government.  The Jewish faith and the Islamic faith are supporting the Roman Catholic Church.  The People of the Book have united in the issue of looking after the dead.

The Catholic Church put up a smart and financially sound model that would have rescued the solvency of the graveyards at the commercial risk of the Church but bringing with them the Jewish Church and the Islamic groups.

Operating graveyards has been a financial nightmare for all but the Roman Catholic Church. Their cemeteries are in good shape, and they have land to deal with future needs. What the Roman Catholic Church did was put a proposal together that took the troubled cemeteries, amalgamated the operations with a projected profit within the charity in a few years whilst bankrolling the whole project. One would have thought, problem solved. Solvency and ground space has been a problem for longer than the life of the current NSW State Government.

What went wrong?

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