Catholic Health Australia targets mariginals in campaign for better aged care

By Catholic Health Australia, 14 May 2022
Image: Cristina Serí/Unsplash


Candidates in crucial marginal federal seats are being called on to declare their support for better pay and better training for aged care staff, through a national campaign organised by Catholic Health Australia (CHA). 

Aged care homes in the CHA network deliver 25,000 aged care beds and look after 60,000 residents. The CHA campaign, Fight for Better Aged Care, is calling on the sitting member and their challengers to commit publicly to working to improve remuneration and training in the aged care sector.

Advertising in marginal seats is urging people to get behind the campaign, and pledge cards have been sent to sitting members and their challengers.

CHA CEO Pat Garcia said: “Older Australians and their families rely on an aged care sector that’s properly funded and staffed so that they get the care they deserve. 

“Staff at our aged care homes are working hard and doing the absolute best they can. But we need better pay to drive recruitment and retention, and better training to improve care for residents. 

“When people go to vote in this election they deserve to know if they are voting for a candidate who supports improving aged care in this community by improving the conditions and training for aged care workers.” 

Mr Garcia also urged the community to personally get behind the Fight for Better Aged Care campaign. 

“We need the support of everyone in the community. Those of you with parents in homes who see the conditions too many people live in, carers who are desperately waiting for support, and all of us who will one day need care and to be treated with dignity,” Mr Garcia said. 

“Older Australians built this country. They gave us the prosperity and fairness that makes Australia such an excellent place to live. We owe it to them to properly fund aged care, so they can enjoy dignity and comfort in retirement.” 

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) is Australia’s largest non-government grouping of health and aged care services accounting for approximately 10 per cent of hospital-based healthcare in Australia. Our members also provide around 25 per cent of private hospital care, 5 per cent of public hospital care, 12 per cent of aged care facilities, and 20 per cent of home care and support for the elderly. 

With thanks to Catholic Health Australia.


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