Catholic health to farewell its Chief Executive

24 June 2019
Catholic Health Australia chief executive officer Suzanne Greenwood. Image: CHA/ACBC.


After almost five years of service, Catholic Health Australia’s (CHA) Chief Executive, Suzanne Greenwood, will depart the organisation in August 2019.

CHA Board Chairperson, Paul Robertson AO, said whilst sorry to see Ms Greenwood depart, he was grateful for her leadership contribution and wished her every success in her future career.

Mr Robertson said, “Suzanne is a fierce advocate for expanding access to health care for all people and has led CHA expertly, and always with the best interests in mind of those who are cared for in Catholic hospitals and aged care services.

“Suzanne has also advanced the Church’s mission as members came together in a spirit of communion and cooperation to respond to the introduction of ‘voluntary assisted dying’ in Victoria. By building research evidence of Catholic Palliative Care services, CHA has demonstrated strong leadership and action on improving end-of-life care in response, and CHA will continue to spotlight this issue to ensure palliative care remains on the Government’s agenda.

“Since commencing with CHA in October 2014, Suzanne increased the policy and mission support capacity of CHA, improved our governance model through undertaking a Governance Review, launched the Ministry Leadership Program in Australia and represented our member services on the International Confederation of Catholic Healthcare Institutes,” Mr Robertson said.

Ms Greenwood is very grateful to CHA for giving her the opportunity and privilege of being able to serve the Church.

“The good works of the membership in achieving their Mission is remarkable and so to work with them, and alongside such a supportive Board and a capable and committed staff team, has been a blessing.

“It’s been an honour to have the unique opportunity to help shape national health and aged care reform on behalf of CHA members, who together form the Nation’s largest, non-government provider grouping of health and aged care services. Catholic Health Australia will continue to advocate strongly and fairly on behalf of our members to secure Government support on issues that affect all Australians, such as affordable healthcare, access to aged care and improved end-of-life care.

“I am also grateful to those in the Department of Health and the Ministers’ offices, and other health and aged care peak bodies, who worked with CHA as we all sought to introduce reforms to support the health and well-being of all. I have worked with three Health Ministers and four Aged Care Ministers in my years at CHA and acknowledge their tireless commitment to the community,” said Ms Greenwood.

Ms Greenwood cited the passion and dedication of the 83,000 plus people who work in the Catholic health and aged care sector as providing the inspiration and motivation to lead Catholic Health Australia since 2014.

Ms Greenwood will finish up on 2 August. A process to appoint Ms Greenwood’s successor has been commenced.

With thanks to Catholic Health Australia.


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