Catholic Schools NSW welcomes Federal Government drought relief package for regional schools

11 November 2019
Image: Pixabay.


The announcement on Thursday 7 November 2019, of an additional $10 million to support drought affected families and students will provide significant relief to those who have been hit hardest by the drought, it will ensure that they can continue to choose an affordable education alternative for their children, Catholic Schools NSW said.

CSNSW CEO, Dallas McInerney said that, “faced with the worst drought on record this announcement today will provide much needed relief and security for those families that have chosen to educate their children at one of our schools.”

This announcement will build upon the good work already done by our schools in the provision of fee-relief, school fundraising and a commitment to ensure that fees remain affordable.

The announcement will support schools in areas like Walgett, Brewarrina and Baradine who support remote communities and ensure that parents can choose the best education for their families.

CSNSW thanks the Federal Education Minister and the Prime Minister for their pragmatic response to those areas of acute need for drought affected communities. It doesn’t matter how bad the drought is, the education of children should not be impacted. This announcement today responds to this need” Mr McInerney said.

Bishop Columba Macbeth-Green, the Bishop of Wilcannia-Forbes, who grew up on a farm near Forbes and experienced droughts first-hand, said “that economic conditions across the diocese – which covers the western half of NSW – are difficult and families are struggling. This announcement will be a huge shot in the arm for our schools and the communities they serve.”

Catholic Schools NSW represents the state’s 595 schools, educating more than a quarter of a million students and employing some 30,000 teaching staff.

With thanks to Catholic Schools NSW.


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