Celebrate the return to Global Mission

By Palms Australia, 17 July 2022
Palms Australia participant Dianne Hanna developed financial literacy skills within the Diocese and Parish of Maliana, Timor Leste in 2016-2020. Image: Palms Australia/Supplied.


Australian Catholics are once again able to be offered deep re-engagement with our sisters and brothers globally. COVID stopped us reaching beyond but we can now rejoice in renewed opportunities abroad.

Palms Australia has been offering Catholics opportunities for mission since 1961.

Executive Director, Roger O’Halloran explains, “Reaching Beyond our own small world is so important to the mutual development of communities here and abroad. Australians who respond to the call to share their skills, to mentor those with little other opportunity, get to immerse themselves in resilient communities and learn from their wisdom.”

Palms prepares and supports Australians undertaking this adventurous mission to be conduits that encourage communities here and there to discern together, so that we can develop and grow sustainably together. It begins with a request from an overseas community who identify developments that will foster and build on the strengths of their people. Looking to develop health, education, technical trade and administrative skills, they ask Palms to find appropriately qualified and experienced Australians who might volunteer to assist.

An Energising Exploration

Roger highlights that despite perhaps being well-meaning the paternal or patronising approaches of old stifled an energising exploration of mutual growth.

“While we have an obligation to share with those who live with less we have at least as much to learn. More Australians responding again to the many requests from Catholic communities abroad allows us to rediscover alternatives to the ‘Western’ development model that has taken us down a path of unsustainable resource depletion and damaging climate change.”

Even during COVID, Dianne Hanna from Castle Hill, NSW, shared this experience of her assignment.

Palms are inviting us to share their excitement about the re-engagement by joining them at 7pm on Monday 1 August 2022. At this Webinar, you will meet with Palms partner organisations abroad and the program participants recently dispatched to their communities.  The stories will inspire.

Register here to find out how you, or others you invite, can become part of the story that achieves this uplifting Vision.

With thanks to Palms Australia.


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