Climate change Christians collect countersignatures

28 July 2017
Students at Brisbane’s Brigidine College at their launch of the Community Climate Petition Photo: Jenifer Ryan

Hundreds of individuals from diverse faith communities across Australia are pounding the nation’s pavements collecting petition signatures calling for stronger action on climate change. 

Christians and other people of faith are working together to raise a ‘Community Climate Petition’, the largest multi-electorate climate petition in Australia’s history. 

These community volunteers have raised close to 100 electorate-based climate petitions across the country so far, gathering support in churches, mosques, shopping centres, high schools and local businesses.

The petitions call upon our political leaders to support deeper reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a faster transition to a clean energy economy and better support for our poorest neighbours grappling with the impacts of climate change.

“Tens of thousands of Australians have already signed the petitions,” said Thea Ormerod, President of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change.

“As people of faith, we’re calling on our politicians to take stronger action on climate to protect our future and that of our children and grandchildren,” said Mrs Ormerod.

The impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt across Australia and the world, including extreme weather events of greater frequency and ferocity, rising sea levels, an alarming depletion of our natural heritage such as the Great Barrier Reef, and drought-induced famines affecting millions of people.

With thanks to Caritas Australia

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