CommonHome Tv Presents: Fr Taras Kchik CSsR on finding hope & building solidarity in a time of war

29 April 2022
Fr Taras Kchik speaks to Common Home TV.


Common Home TV presents an interview with Fr Taras Kchik CSsR, a Redemptorist priest based in Ukraine. Available now on YouTube and Facebook.

In this exclusive interview, Fr Taras outlines how Catholics are dealing with this unfolding tragedy in a manner accessible to both religious and secular alike. In a time of darkness when many are looking for pathways to better understand this carnage, Taras is able to not only outline where hope remains but the need for building solidarity in this time of war.

From taking in orphans to building camouflage for the front, Common Home Tv brings you into the war zone and presents the viewer with how the Church is reacting in these devastating times.

Taras’ Redemptorists confers in Oceania are committed to working towards a swift and peaceful end to this conflict.

“I invite us to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people – and with people of peace everywhere – to seek an immediate ceasefire, a withdrawal of all troops and a resolve to engage diplomacy as our only way forward.” said John Hodgson CSsR, Provincial of the Redemptorist of Oceania

“We have a number of refugees who at any point can come in. Some have stayed, some have moved on and there’s always new faces, new people coming in we have been caring for them since the first days and will continue to care for anyone who needs a place to stay.” said Fr Taras Kchik CSsR.


Common Home TV is an apostolate of the Redemptorists of Oceania that aims to provide a platform for quality Catholic video content from producers both national and international.

With thanks to the Redemptorists of Oceania.


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