Diocese of Bathurst Catholic school fees will not increase in 2020

6 November 2019
Bishop Michael McKenna, Bishop of Bathurst. Image: Giovanni Portelli Photography/ACBC.


Due to the ongoing drought, school fees in Catholic schools across the Diocese of Bathurst will not be increased in 2020.

After considering advice from the Diocesan Catholic Education Council and the Diocesan Finance Council, and despite the rising costs of education, Bishop of Bathurst, Michael McKenna, has come to this decision due to the ongoing severe drought conditions that are having a devastating effect across all communities within the Diocese.

Bishop McKenna said, “As the severity of the drought worsens, I am well aware of the brutal impact it is having on communities whose livelihoods are dependent on rain. As I have said publically on numerous occasions, the provision of affordable Catholic schooling, especially for those in need in this time of drought, should not be an added burden to the financial strain of families”.

For this reason, school fees in Diocesan schools will be frozen for the upcoming year.

In addition to this measure, the Capital Works Levy will also remain at the same amount as 2019.

The Diocese also reminds families that if you are suffering financial hardship for any reason and finding it difficult to pay school fees, please contact your school principal to discuss options in relation to available assistance. A family’s financial situation should never be a barrier to accessing or continuing a student’s enrolment in a Diocese of Bathurst schools.

It is hoped that this goes some way to assist families in the Diocese and demonstrates the ongoing commitment to making a quality Catholic education affordable for all.

With thanks to the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst and Catholic Education Diocese of Bathurst.


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