Diocese of Parramatta Members making sure they are not an obstacle for the Holy Spirit

By Sr Grace Roclawska csfn, 2 July 2022


The Second Assembly of the Plenary Council is about to begin. All prayers for our church, all of us who build this church in Australia, are needed more than ever.

There are and will be challenges and there will be more questions than answers, but one will remain the same: all of us, who are the Church, are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the plenary council – the highest formal gathering of all local churches in a country.

The Plenary Council is being held so that we can dialogue about the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.

While speaking with a number of the Diocese of Parramatta Members of the Plenary Council, we learn that their priority is to be faithful in fulfilling the responsibilities given to them. Each one of them recognises that “the challenge is always to make sure that we are not an obstacle for the Holy Spirit.”

Fr Peter Williams AM, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia, recalled the feeling from the First Assembly which was held online and, in describing the Second Assembly, sees the advantages of meeting in person. He says there is an opportunity to get to know each other outside of the sessions, which creates special bonds that help in the process of discernment and journeying together.

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“It is about inter-connectivity, relationship with Jesus and each other,” said Fr Paul Marshall, the Rector of the Holy Spirit Seminary, who elaborated on the challenges and hopes he has for those preparing to become priests in our multicultural diocese.

The members discuss some dreams and hopes for the future – seeing the importance of leadership, formation, and role of the laity in the Church as necessary steps towards the future. They highlight topics from the Framework for Motions, stressing the importance of active listening, acknowledging different voices giving the plurality of expression and being missionary disciples.

The video concludes with a message from Carol Teodori, a lay parishioner from Our Lady of the Nativity Parish, Lawson, – it “all starts around the table.”

The week of 3 – 9 of July will start and conclude around the tables, as the members will gather at the St Mary’s Cathedral Hall in Sydney.

Let us pray for them – that the dreams and hopes of us all can be shared and discerned in the spirit of respectful listening, discerning hearts and prayerful atmosphere.

Watch Part One – The Journey so far here.

Watch the livestreams of the Daily Masses and the Plenary Sessions of the Plenary Council at this link

You can send a message to the members of the Plenary Council which will be displayed in the Assembly venue through this link.

Find out more about the members of the Plenary Council from the Diocese of Parramatta, and more about the Plenary Council at parracatholic.org/plenary

Sr Grace Roclawska csfn is Head: Formation for Mission in the Diocese of Parramatta.


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