Don’t let social media undermine faith, says bishop

By Sarah Mac Donald, 6 November 2022
A woman records on her phone during the Diocese of Parramatta World Youth Day pilgrimage launch at St John XXIII Catholic College, Stanhope Gardens. Image: Diocese of Parramatta


A Catholic bishop has appealed to young people not to allow the negativity of social media or other people undermine their faith.

In his homily at a diocesan Mass for young people on Mission Sunday at the Sacred Heart Church, Roscommon, the Bishop of Elphin, Ireland, Kevin Doran noted that quite a few of the young people who responded to diocesan online synodal survey said they don’t participate in the life of the Church because they don’t see their friends there and they would be uncomfortable with the peer-pressure they might experience.

“It takes courage to be a disciple of Jesus. It always has,” Bishop Doran acknowledged. “But many of you young people not only have courage, but you also have idealism and generosity and I know you have the capacity to commit to something or someone in whom you believe. Don’t be afraid to commit your lives to Jesus.”

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Sarah Mac Donald is a long-established writer on religious affairs, and a regular contributor to The Tablet, especially on the Catholic Church in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

With thanks to The Tablet and Sarah Mac Donald, where this article originally appeared.


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