Epiphany Pilgrimage Fiesta – Celebrating the Feast!

9 February 2022
Pilgrims are seen during the 2022 Epiphany Pilgrimage. Image: Supplied


The Feast of the Epiphany celebrates the Good News that God has come among His people to bring salvation to all the world. It is a reminder to us of God’s boundless love, and the truth that every person is invited to the banquet of the Lord. Now that’s certainly something to feast about!

The 2022 Epiphany celebrations in the Blue Mountains had a different feel this year. What is ordinarily a seven-day pilgrimage walk up the mountains and intended largely for adult pilgrims, was instead a two-day pilgrimage walk and fiesta in and around Glenbrook and suitable for pilgrims of every age.

Pilgrims are seen during the 2022 Epiphany Pilgrimage. Image: Supplied

More than 60 walkers took part in the pilgrimage journey. Some opted for the ‘classic’ pilgrimage experience which brought together the delight of bushwalking in the mountains, with the joy of fellowship, talks and opportunities for personal prayer in the bush. For the first time this year, a ‘family pilgrimage adventure’ was also offered, and specifically aimed at children and families. It was a delight to witness so many young pilgrims having fun together as they rock-hopped their way through Glenbrook Gorge on a journey punctuated by prayer and reflection on the story of the Magi.

Children pilgrims are seen during the ‘family pilgrimage adventure’ of the 2022 Epiphany Pilgrimage. Image: Supplied

After lunch and a swim in the gorge, everyone was back at St Finbar’s Parish, Glenbrook, to join with other members of the community to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany Mass and enjoy a balmy summer evening of live music, fellowship, a festive meal together and Adoration. The children had great fun on the jumping obstacle course and topped off the night with a movie.

A shorter pilgrimage walk on Day Two saw both pilgrimage groups journeying together. The pilgrimage finished with a bush Mass at Elizabeth Lookout in Glenbrook, celebrated by Fr Joseph Lam, Parish Priest of St Finbar’s, with the assistance of Deacon Andrew Rooney.

Pilgrims celebrate Mass at Elizabeth Lookout, Glenbrook, as part of the 2022 Epiphany Pilgrimage. Image: Supplied

Many thanks to the community of St Finbar’s for generously hosting the pilgrimage and fiesta, and to the speakers, musicians and many other volunteers involved. What a joy it was to spend time as a community of faith, delighting in God’s creation and reflecting on, celebrating and giving thanks for His presence among us.

For more information about the Epiphany Pilgrimage, or if you are interested in participating in the Season of Creation pilgrimage that will take place later this year, visit www.epiphanypilgrimage.org.


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