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6 September 2021
'Extreme Unction' (L'Extrême Onction, Les Sept sacrements) by Nicolas Poussin (1594–1665). Image: Wikimedia Commons


Looking for a way to reflect on the Gospel of the Day with art?

Christian Art provides reflections on the Daily Gospel alongside artworks that are reflective of the reading. The reflections are written by Patrick van der Vorst, a seminarian studying in Rome for the Diocese of Westminster in London, who is also a former Sotheby’s Director.

The website also offers reflections on the previous days’ Gospels, as well as video resources for significant feast days and liturgical celebrations.

On their website, they describe their mission as:

“Art and Christianity no longer resonate as an inherent, magnificent pairing. Actually it is a feeling that goes both ways: most Christians no longer see art as being important or even as a relevant way of promoting the faith; and non-believers don’t value Christianity as having been at the forefront of the arts throughout the centuries, responsible for creating some of the most magnificent artworks out there.

“Our offering is simple: one newsletter a day where we simply send you the Gospel reading of the day, alongside a work of art that we believe is poignant, reflective and appropriate to that reading. We offer a short reflection on the artwork and the reading. We simply give you the tools for you to meditate on the daily Gospel alongside a work of art.”

Christian Art is apostolate within the Roman Catholic Church, based in London,

To sign up for their daily newsletter for free, please visit https://www.christian.art/index.php

You can also follow the Daily Gospel artwork and reflection via the Christian Art Facebook and Instagram pages.


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