Fertility Awareness Evening helps women discover a healthy menstrual cycle

By Mary Brazell, 18 March 2019


A woman’s fertility might be considered a difficult and personal topic to discuss.

But for Natural Fertility Services Coordinator and Educator Catherine Bourne, she feels comfortable with discussing the topic openly and honestly.

“It’s not difficult for me to discuss,” Catherine said. “We should be more open about it and learn what our bodies are capable of.

“Fertility is such a huge part of who we are as men and women, but we do have to tread gently as it is a very sensitive topic.”

The Diocese of Parramatta’s Natural Fertility Services is holding a Fertility Awareness Evening on Tuesday 19 March from 7pm at the Diocesan Ministry Centre in Blacktown.

Catherine, who runs the sessions, has been a Natural Fertility Services educator for ten years, and has worked for the diocese for five years.

“I try and make the evening a comfortable and informal gathering,” Catherine said.

The information evening will discuss how abnormalities in a woman’s menstrual cycle could indicate underlying health issues, how to address irregularities to a normal cycle, how awareness of a regular cycle is a sign of good health.

The evening is free and is open to women of all ages, whether they be single, engaged, married, mothers and peri-menopausal.

“Many women are unaware as to what a ‘normal cycle’ is for them at their particular stage I life. Only 3% of women around the world know what her cycle is telling her,” Catherine said.

“Cycles are not only about reproduction – they reflect the overall health of a woman. If the pattern changes from what it should be for her situation and stage of life, then there will be a reason for it; most causes are quite treatable.”

Catherine encourages women and men interested in reproductive health to come to the awareness evening.

“Come along to find out what your menstrual cycle is telling you. If it’s not looking the way it should, there are benefits to learning how to regulate it, so that you’re not only able to have children, but you’re as healthy as you can be,” she said.


The Natural Fertility Services’ Fertility Awareness Evening will be held at the Diocesan Ministry Centre, 51-59 Allawah St, Blacktown, on Tuesday 19 March from 7pm.

For further information please contact Catherine Bourne on 02 8838 3460 or 0400 427 605, at catherine.bourne@parracatholic.org or www.parralmf.org.au/nfs.


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