Franciscan brother in Kenya named U.N. Person of the Year in Africa

2 November 2019
Franciscan Brother Mokaya Tabichi, at the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Image: (CNS/United Nations in Kenya)


A Franciscan brother who teaches mathematics and physics in rural Kenya has been named Person of the Year by the United Nations in Kenya.

Brother Peter Mokaya Tabichi, who teaches at Keriko Secondary School near Nakuru, was recognised for his work in promoting education for all young people.

He received the award during United Nations Day celebrations in Nairobi Oct. 24.

Brother Tabichi declined to take full credit for the award in an interview with Catholic News Service Oct. 25, saying he preferred to share it with others.

“I feel shy to describe it as Brother Tabichi’s or that of the Catholic church where I belong to in matters of faith,” he said. “It is for each one of us, as many have chipped in, teachers, students and the local community.”

Education, he said, should not be a matter of luck but should be a right.

“Today people continue to struggle even more than what I went through. The role of education should be to unlock the best in people and giving them the ability and skills to be able to relate and connect with others in the society,” he said.

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With thanks to CNS, where this article originally appeared.


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