Gen Bryant helps us ‘shine brighter’ in lockdown during Worship Wednesday

By Mary Brazell, 23 August 2021


It’s not every day that a songwriter will write new lyrics to a song that immediately reflects your situation.

But Melbourne Catholic singer-songwriter Gen Bryant surprised members of the faithful in lockdown across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains during Worship Wednesday by doing just that.

To kick off the evening’s praise and worship session, Gen, who is also in lockdown in Melbourne, took inspiration from the Diocese of Parramatta’s LIFTED Band, and re-wrote lyrics to one of their favourites – Coming Home by Australian band Sheppard.

Focussing on messages that resonated with those in lockdown, she performed some of her ‘hidden gems’ including The Desert Song and A Thousand Words.

Gen encouraged the audience to reflect on someone or something that brings light into their lives, acknowledging those times it may be hard to turn on the news and hear another day of the same things over again.

“Who are those people that you know you can turn to, you can pick up the phone to, or maybe, before you’re evening thinking about it, they’re thinking of you?” she asked.

“Think of them, and hold them in your heart tonight, and send out prayers of gratitude for having those people in your life.

“I’m grateful to have the faith that I do to keep me through the times when it’s the hardest, and I’m grateful for those people in my life that keep that faith strong.

“It’s so important in times like this to be aware of how much of a light we are in other people’s lives.”

Melbourne-based Catholic singer-songwriter Gen Bryant is seen during a special edition of the Diocese of Parramatta’s Worship Wednesday. Image: Diocese of Parramatta/Facebook

During the livestream, young and old were sharing their gratitude for Gen.

“Such a hopeful, courageous and joyous song…we will get through this. It’s not the end. We will shine. We will go. Send us out. God’s mercy overflows. He is with us, ever present. We are not alone,” one comment read.

“All of my life, in every season, you are still God, I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship,” another comment said.

“Lifting spirits with the Spirit. thanks Gen [sic],” another comment said.

To conclude, Gen performed a ballad ‘lockdown’ version of her hit Send us Out, which was sung in chorus across households.

“Lord, we thank you for your presence tonight. You’re amongst us in the chaos, you’re amongst us in the laughter, you’re amongst us in the music.

“I ask that you remain with us, especially in those times when we are finding it very heavy to pick ourselves up again.

“Strengthen us and give us that light that we need within us to shine for those around us.

“Keep laughing and keep smiling,” she concluded.

After three successful weeks, our HOME Ground program is set to continue to bring people together online.

Worship Wednesday ALL STARS will continue each week. On Wednesday (25 August), we are hosting our first family worship night with Michael Mangan for families with primary school children. Tune in at the special time of 7pm next week.

Keep an eye out for our updated schedule of other HOME Ground events at

Watch yesterday’s Worship Wednesday session with Gen Bryant here on The Well.

Enjoyed the songs that Gen led us in during Worship Wednesday? Look them up on YouTube or on your music platform of choice:

  • The Desert Song by Gen Bryant
  • The Light Within by Gen Bryant
  • Better than a Hallelujah by Sarah Hart
  • A Thousand Words by Gen Bryant
  • Send us Out by Gen Bryant


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