God’s Masterpiece: SFC Oceania Regional Conference 2015

“Our families are God’s Masterpieces given to us.”
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“Our families are God’s Masterpieces given to us” was the message of the 2015 Singles for Christ Oceania Regional Conference held from the 4 – 6 September in Sydney. Singles for Christ is a Catholic lay community under Couples for Christ International that envisions a world where every man and woman experiences Christ.

The Regional Conference occurs every two years and this year it was based in Sydney, with over 200 young adults from across the region, stretching from the Solomon Islands and New Zealand to the Philippines.

The weekend was filled with vibrant, God-seeking young adults who arrived on the first night ready to receive messages God had to offer.

Over the weekend, delegates were invited to reflect on the Holy Family as a model to aspire to in our world today, and to recognise the importance of building our home in love and with God at its centre.

With the family under attack, the conference’s theme, ‘God’s Masterpiece’, comes at a critical time. Speakers challenged their audience to go against the tide that seeks to redefine the family and be champions of God’s design.

For some, it was an emotional time, as those who bore witness to their stories, shared past hurts and struggles in their families. However, the hope that comes with forgiveness and reconciliation was a firm reminder of the mercy and the love of God in our families, despite brokenness.

The workshops were diverse and gave delegates the opportunity to explore other areas of ministry and the Catholic Faith. Workshops included a Vocations Panel, Social Justice, Evangelisation on the Digital Age, and Becoming a Missionary.

Saturday night was filled with fun as a dance party, themed ‘Roaring Twenties’, was entertained by a live band featuring young adults from the ministry.

With Mass celebrated each day, reconciliation offered, and adoration on the Friday night, those who attended were time and time again invited to reconnect with God.

Next year’s conference will be a National Conference to be held in Adelaide, South Australia.

For more information about Singles for Christ, visit www.sfc.cfc-australia.org.au

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