Going online is the best medicine for Catholic Earthcare’s Convocation

31 March 2020
Bernard Holland and Kirsty Robertson. Image: Supplied.


Embracing an opportunity rather than cursing the virus is the best medicine for keeping up the momentum to care for our common home, according to the Director of Catholic Earthcare Australia, Bernard Holland.

The two-day Catholic Earthcare Convocation booked for Melbourne on September4-5 has now been transformed into a series of online interactive forums that could be best described as a mixture of the ABC’s Q&A and a mini-series during the season of creation.

Mr Holland said the convocation is an important forum for the Catholic community at this challenging time. “The new format will still accommodate winning entries from our national youth presenter competition will participate alongside experts in their fields,” Mr Holland said.

We think that we can even expand our audience through better differentiation across age groups with working with partner organizations who have cancelled theory own events.

Bishop Vincent Long, Chair of the Bishops Commission for Social Justice, Mission and Service, said that being forewarned is being forearmed for such disruptive times and opening up opportunities of an interactive series of forums was a great way to spread information and bring the audience along the journey of personal and organisational change.

While some dates and times in September are still being finalised, Mr Holland said that the online forums will need a “considered approach” given many of those who would normally participate might need extra support with online technology. To help initiate our audience into on-line forums we have commenced weekly eco-reflections each Thursday to be both comforting at this isolating time and to help participants adjust to an on-line world.

The on-line convocation program is available Earthcare website www.catholicearthcare.org.au and registration for weekly eco-reflections available through here.

To play its part in helping protect the health of earth, and its inhabitants, Catholic Earthcare Australia is mandated, through the activities of education, research and advocacy to give leadership in responding to Pope John Paul II’s call to “stimulate and sustain the ecological conversion”.

With thanks to Catholic Earthcare.


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