Good News Team choir bring the Good News to Greenacre!

14 August 2018

In the face of ongoing Christian persecution in the Middle East, and growing secularism in the West, an Egyptian Christian choir will be bringing their fervour, faith and zeal to Sydney this August.

The singing troupe, called Good News Team, are in the country visiting churches and meeting members of the public throughout Sydney for the duration of their stay. They will be performing at an event open to the public on Wednesday August 22nd.

“This will be a beautiful event where many of us from different backgrounds can come together and be united through prayer and song,” said Fr Melhem Haikal, whose community are hosting the event.

“It’s important that Catholics and Orthodox communities work as one hand to help resolve the many challenges around us, particularly in the Middle East.”

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The visit occurs after the recent murder of a Coptic-Christian church leader, Bishop Epiphanius, in a monastery near Alexandria, Egypt last month.

The murder, which may be linked to Islamist extremism, is just another one of a series of attacks against Egypt’s Christian communities.

For Fr Melhem however, who is organising the choir’s visit, the lack of religious freedom in Egypt offers a chance to celebrate and highlight the faith of Middle Eastern Christians in Australia, especially through the inter-denominational event being hosted at St John the Beloved church.

“This is the fourth annual ‘1 IN CHRIST’ event hosted by the Melkite Catholic Church and it’s wonderful to see it grow.”

Details: The ‘Good News’ choir will be at Saint John the Beloved Melkite Greek Catholic Parish – Greenacre Wednesday, August 22 at 7:00 PM.


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