Growing in Holiness Series: Ron visits the Blessed Sacrament

By Jordan Grantham, 2 May 2018
Ron Ao is devoted to visiting the Blessed Sacrament. Image: Diocese of Parramatta.

The Growing in Holiness article series shares the stories of Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta who are striving to grow in holiness through the means provided by the heritage of the Catholic Church.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church states in paragraph 2013: “All Christians in any state or walk of life are called to the fullness of Christian life and to the perfection of charity.” (LG 40 § 2) All are called to holiness: “Be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mt 5:48)

Ron Ao is a young Catholic man who works in tax in Parramatta and often attends weekday Mass at St Pauls Book Centre, Church Street, Parramatta. He began visiting the Blessed Sacrament when he converted to Catholicism in 2009.

Visits to the Blessed Sacrament have transformed Ron’s life, giving him a sense of peace and friendship with Christ.

“I’ve noticed a profound change for the better in my life,” Ron said.

The Blessed Sacrament is the Eucharist. After consecration in Mass, bread and wine truly become the Body and Blood of Christ. Ron wished to emphasise that the Eucharist is God; it is no longer bread and wine, except in appearance.

The Blessed Sacrament is reserved in the tabernacles of Churches and Chapels throughout the world.

People who practice the devotion try to make at least a daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament, brief or long, for silent prayer with the Lord.

“Visits to the Blessed Sacrament entail visiting Jesus in His physical flesh, saying ‘hello’ to Him and telling Him about your day,” Ron said.

“It entails praising Him, thanking Him, and petitioning Him in His physical presence,” he said.

“It entails sitting there in silence while allowing Jesus to talk to you.”

“It is so powerful by virtue of the fact that you’re in His physical presence and His graces pour out all the more upon you.”

Ron’s prayer life is masculine and valiantly strives to accept Christ’s grace.

“It definitely deepens your friendship with, and love for, Our Lord. Your prayer life becomes rock-solid,” Ron said.

“Living the holy life isn’t as hard when you’ve got the grace of God,” he said.

Ron imitates Our Lord and by living for Christ, gives witness to his charity or love.

“I’ve definitely become more charitable. It is by the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ that I am able to become a better person.”

Ron quotes St John Bosco about the benefits of making visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

Do you want the Lord to give you many graces? Visit Him often.
Do you want Him to give you few graces? Visit Him rarely.
Do you want the devil to attack you? Visit Jesus rarely in the Blessed Sacrament.
Do you want him to flee from you? Visit Jesus often!
– St John Bosco

“It’s definitely changed me. I’ve become holier. I am able to practice the virtues better. I am more aware of sin and I am able to combat it more effectively,” Ron said.

Further reading: Visits to the Blessed Sacrament, St Alphonsus Liguori.

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