Humans of Blue Mountains – Josh

3 May 2018
Josh. Image: CCSS.

Humans of Blue Mountains – Josh.

I was diagnosed with autism at age two and a half, I was in an autistic school straight after that. They recently found out that Alexander The Great was autistic himself, so that was pretty astonishing to know that someone who had changed history had the same issue that I have. I’m trying to move on from my second lot of depression, there’s been times that have been okay but in general, life throws you curve balls. I now try to live by the KISS principle; Keep It Simple Stupid and also – happy wife, happy life.

The biggest trouble is finding someone to take you on as an employee. I’m currently doing a certificate 2 in Commercial Cookery, then I’m planning to do pastry. I have waiting, bar and customer service experience from the Food and Beverage certificate 2 and 3 courses I did.

To give you that chance to prove yourself and learn on the job is a big hard step for anyone, even if you don’t have a disability. But more so if you do have a disability because as soon as you mention the supported wage of the Disability Support Pension that you are on, then they back off, and that’s really like I don’t feel good. But that’s life.

People are not supposed to discriminate but they do, you roll with the punches and just move on. If they do that to you before you even get the job then what’s the point of working for them?

I come into CatholicCare to relax, as well as to sometimes see a counsellor, or for food help.

With thanks to Josh and CatholicCare.

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