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7 August 2018



It’s exciting news for many at CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains who may have attended the inaugural training session for Keeping Kids In Mind (KKIM) over 10 years ago and, also for those of you who are currently involved in running Keeping Kids in Mind and / or My Kids and Me. Both groups have now gained international recognition are now appearing on the California Evidence Based Clearing House for Child Welfare:

CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains was a part of the original KKIM consortium, formed in 2008, of 4 CatholicCare partners: Sydney, Broken Bay and Wollongong. During this time a writing team developed and published the KKIM group programme manual (which was reviewed by the Family Action Centre) and rolled out an interactive KKIM facilitator training programme across NSW.

The KKIM group was designed to fill a gap in the separation parenting programmes at the time. Instead of solely focusing on communication and conflict reducing skills and strategies for separated parents, the KKIM groups, programme focus was to challenge separated parents to refocus on their children, to coach parents to become more reflective, and for them to have a clearer understanding about the impact of their fighting on their children’s mental health wellbeing. To see through their children’s eyes …

KKIM is currently very active with 49 groups being offered by the 4 CatholicCares in 2018. It is also run by other NGO services across NSW and other states. CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains will run seven KKIM groups this year. Referrals continue to be made by the Family Court, clients’ legal representatives and by self-referral via the KKIM line 1800 55 46 46 also operated by CatholicCare in Western Sydney.

Building parental reflective capacity to enable parents to see through the eyes of their children is a very topical theme in academic circles right now.

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