Karl Keating retires from Catholic Answers

19 July 2017
Catholic Answers is the largest lay-run Catholic apologetics and evangelisation organisation in the US. Image: Catholic Answers

Today is my last day with Catholic Answers. Starting tomorrow, I will be fully retired from the apostolate.

I won’t fully retire from apologetics, which I will continue to engage in, but now when I go to the Catholic Answers office it will be as a guest and not as an employee. I have been semi-retired for more than two years since stepping down as president, so the transition won’t be onerous, yet it will be strange to have one less key on the keychain.

How long did I work at Catholic Answers? It’s hard to tell. Do I count from when I went into full-time apologetics work, on the first day of 1988? Do I count from when Catholic Answers was incorporated in 1982? Or do I count from when I performed my first overt apologetical act and started using the name Catholic Answers in 1979?

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