Kellyville’s Fr Alejandro showcases Star Wars collection

By Mary Brazell, 16 January 2021
Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kellyville, parish priest Fr Alejandro López, OFM Conv. showcases some of his Star Wars collection with parishioner Soo Young Ong. Image: Supplied


The Star Wars movie franchise has been loved by generations across the globe, and Kellyville hosts one of its biggest fans.

In a video posted to the parish’s Facebook page on Tuesday, Our Lady of the Rosary Parish Priest Fr Alejandro López, OFM Conv. takes viewers around his office and proudly describes the paraphernalia he has collected over his decades of love for the movie franchise.

Keen-eyed parishioners would have seen Fr Alejandro’s passion for Star Wars in his facemasks worn before most livestreamed Masses over the past few months.

Fr Alejandro explains that he has been a fan of the series since he first saw A New Hope as a 12-year-old in 1977.

His office collection includes magnets, posters, figurines and hand-knitted toys from his sister in the United States.

Pictures of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker sit alongside family photos and the Franciscan cross.

“Just because I’m a priest, doesn’t mean I only like religious things or holy things,” Fr Alejandro says.

“I have lots of different interests, which religion is one, and of course, my relationship with Christ is very important, and the first to me. But I do love other things. I’m a human being like everyone else.

“I like things that stimulate thoughts. I like to ask questions of ‘what if…’. The world doesn’t have to be the way it is, it could be something else, something better.

“And I’m hoping that in this time of COVID, we start thinking what can we make the world to be – a world that is more inclusive, more loving, more tolerant and more kind.”

The video was an initiative of parishioner Soo Young Ong, who, after receiving a gimbal for her birthday, wanted to use it for the good of the parish.

“Because of COVID, our parishioners, especially the older ones, don’t get to have that proper face-to-face time with Fr Al, so I thought to film the video so that people who can’t come to church can still see him and interact with him,” Soo said.

“I wanted the video to show the ‘real’ Fr Al – he’s a human being, and even though he has given his life to God, he can still enjoy the things in his life outside of his faith. It’s not a bad thing.

“With the video on Facebook, I hope that it brings our parishioners together, and allows us to gather together, not just at Mass.”

Just like Yoda training Luke Skywalker in the ways of the force, Fr Alejandro has been Soo’s guide through the Star Wars universe.

“I had never watched the movies before, but now, I understand more of it because of Fr Al.

“Now, whenever I go overseas, I remember that I need to buy something for Fr Al when I see anything Star Wars.”

Parishioners are clearly impressed, commenting “That’s a natural human-being side of Fr Al, he’s a great priest” and “Good on him! Shows we can be Apostles for Christ on earth and still have another interest!”

Check out the full video below!

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