Latest ‘Inside the Vatican’ podcast discusses the meeting of Cardinals and Pope Francis not resigning

3 September 2022
Pope Francis is seen during the meeting with the College of Cardinals in the New Synod Hall in the Vatican. Image: Vatican News


America’s “Inside the Vatican” is back from summer break this week, just as the Vatican wraps up an unusually jam-packed late August. On August 27, Pope Francis created 20 new cardinals, 16 of whom will help choose his successor. On the podcast, host Colleen Dulle and veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell recap the appointments and what makes the solemn ceremony relatively simple by Vatican standards.

Most of the world’s cardinals came to Rome for the creation of the new cardinals, and stayed for meetings with the pope on Monday and Tuesday to discuss his reform of the Roman Curia that went into effect in June. Although no reporters were allowed inside the meeting, Gerry shares what he learned from several participants about what happened.

Listen to the full podcast episode below via Spotify.


Inside the Vatican is a podcast that goes behind the headlines of the biggest Vatican news stories with hosts Colleen Dulle and Gerard O’Connell. @InsdeVaticanPod

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