London Terror Attack Felt in Parramatta

British expatriates have been shocked by the attack
Amy Donohue, Policy and Planning for the Diocese of Parramatta. Photo: Diocese of Parramatta

Today’s terror attack in London has been felt much closer to home in the Diocese of Parramatta.

Amy Donohue, who works in Policy and Planning for the Diocese of Parramatta, was woken this morning by dozens of phone messages from friends and family back home in the United Kingdom.

Amy feared for the worst and soon learnt of the terrorist attack at Westminster Bridge and Westminster Palace (the Parliament of the United Kingdom), which claimed the lives of five people and left at least 40 people injured.

For Amy, this was even more personal, as her cousin, John, works in the area that was under attack. John works in Westminster Palace for a member of parliament, though was not in the building at the time of the attack.

Next to the crime scene, flowers have been laid close to where the attack took place, as Londoners, the English and the broader community banded together.

“A friend’s message mentioned that they were on the Tube (the London underground train system) and people weren’t batting an eyelid.

“I do feel a sense of pride that Londoners are going about their business and are saying they’re not afraid,” Amy said.

Many of Amy’s friends in Sydney are British expatriates from London, who are deeply affected by the attack.

The Diocese of Parramatta offers its prayers and condolences for victims and all affected by the attack.

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