Majellan Media offers a new prayer service

By Majellan Media, 25 August 2022
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Majellan Media has launched a new Dial a Prayer service to assist people with their spiritual needs. Anyone can now request a prayer for a special intention without leaving their home.

When someone calls Majellan Media’s general number (03) 9592 2777 they will be greeted with two messages; they can either talk to a team member or record their prayer intention. Prayers will be sent directly to the Redemptorist communities in Australia where the caller’s intention will be included in their Masses and morning and evening prayers.

Callers can remain anonymous when they leave details of who their prayer is for. However, if a name and address is provided they will receive a written reply from a Redemptorist priest. Full details will be in the Spring issue of The Majellan.

Majellan Media CEO Tony Biviano says the new service is an extension of “our very popular online service”, where people can write in and request prayers and receive a reply from a priest.

“Our new dial-in service will suit those who don’t use the internet. Now anyone can easily record their request on our new Dial a Prayer phone service,” said Mr Biviano. “Some elderly people are not Internet savvy so Dial a Prayer will suit them better. The service is also in response to an increased demand for prayers and uncertainty in the current world climate.

“People are asking for prayers for a wide variety of needs such as for their sick husbands, wives, children and grandchildren. They are also concerned about the rising cost of living, especially interest rates and grocery and petrol prices.

“The pandemic has increased anxiety and depression and people are searching for answers. We hope the service will help people who are experiencing hardship. Majellan has always been about helping families and this is another service we can offer for those who need spiritual sustenance.”

Majellan Media is a ministry of the Redemptorists. Majellan Media produces faith-based podcasts and media as well as The Majellan magazine, which has been in print for more than 70 years and aims to help families be the best that they can be.

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