Massimo Faggioli: Roman Curia reforms align with Pope’s vision for the Church

28 September 2022


Pope Francis has been working on reforms to the Roman Curia “since day one,” according to American-based academic and columnist Massimo Faggioli.

Massimo was speaking with Catholic News Service Rome Bureau Chief Cindy Wooden during a recent webinar ‘As Francis Reforms the Curia: What Catholics Need to Know’, hosted by Liturgical Press.

During the conversation, which was based off Massimo’s latest book Apostolic Constitution “Preach the Gospel” Praedicate Evangelium: With an Appraisal of Francis’s Reform of the Roman Curia, Massimo and Cindy spoke about Praedicate Evangelium, the Apostolic Constitution on the Roman Curia issued by Pope Francis in March, how this will shape the Church in the future and what does it mean for the wider people of God.

“This reform is important to Pope Francis’ pontificate because firstly, he and the Council of Cardinals that he created four weeks after being elected have been working at this for nine years,” Massimo explained.

“Secondly, it is not just a bureaucratic rekindling of an existing structure, but it has, in itself, a key feature of his pontificate, which is that the Catholic Church is more global than before – it’s not as Rome-centric as it used to be, it must be more sensitive and receptive to the fact that the Church is much more global.

“Third – everything has to do with Pope Francis’ vision of the Church which is missionary, evangelising and trying to get rid of clericalism.”

Cindy added, “Pope Francis’ Constitution emphasises the missionary mandate of the Curia offices, but the most practical impact, I think, is service.

“Since the early days of his pontificate, Pope Francis has tried to chip away at any sense that because the Curia is at the centre of the Church it is a centre of the Church.”

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With thanks to Liturgical Press.


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