New Catholic Foundation launches to expand former DWF

By Michael Mendieta, 2 February 2018
Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv at the launch of The Catholic Foundation. Image: Diocese of Parramatta.

The Diocese of Parramatta is delighted to announce the launch of The Catholic Foundation, which will replace the Diocesan Works Fund, and expand on its good works. The new foundation was publicly launched on November 19 – shared across parishes through a multimedia video presentation, announcements from the pulpit and in parish bulletin notices.

The Catholic Foundation needs to raise $2.5 million annually to sustain the works of the Church in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains – including the formation of our seminarians, providing Christian education in public schools, the empowering of our disabled with job training, supporting our deaf and housing vulnerable single mothers facing homelessness.

To achieve these great works, The Catholic Foundation proudly supports Holy Spirit Seminary, the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, the Ephpheta Centre and CatholicCare.

Donations of $2 or more to The Catholic Foundation are tax deductible. Donate here: 

The Catholic Foundation will also manage The Catholic Fund, which will house gifts such as bequests and donations for special projects. Donations to this fund are not tax deductible. The Catholic Foundation aims to annually increase donations to further sustain, grow and expand the good works from our faithful in the Diocese – building faith, hope and charity across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

The Catholic Foundation proudly supports the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, and Holy Spirit Seminary, which work to spread the faith.

The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine provides faith formation and Christian learning to students in State schools. The main areas taught are the teachings of Jesus, Gospel values and the Catholic Church. The great fruit of this ministry is assisting students to encounter Christ.

The Holy Spirit Seminary forms young men for the priesthood and for a life of service, modeled on Christ. It does this by providing a holistic approach to developing seminarians spiritually, academically and in human virtue.

“We have three key areas of formation for our seminarians. The first level deepens their relationship with God. The second level enriches their relationship with family, friends and peers. And the third level expands their contribution to society. Integrating these three levels prepares our future priests for the demands of this ministry.”

Fr John Hogan, Rector of Holy Spirit Seminary

The Catholic Foundation proudly supports the Ephpheta Centre, which covers access and support to those who are hard of hearing and deaf. Many rely on the Ephpheta Centre for its sacramental programs, pastoral care and social support. The Ephpheta Centre is also considered another family and home. It is a place of welcome, hope and acceptance.

“I wasn’t always deaf. I began losing my hearing when I was 14. And I can’t really describe that feeling when I first came here (The Ephpheta Centre) when I was 16, to see people like me, especially at a time when I was feeling a bit confused and didn’t know the kind of person I had to change into. It just had a profound impact on me, discovering who I was, and who I would become.”

Christiane Kassab, Community Worker at the Ephpheta Centre

The Catholic Foundation proudly supports CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, which is the social services charity of the Diocese of Parramatta. CatholicCare provides disability services, including job training, and also covers migrant and refugee services including childcare programs for parents learning English and computer studies.

“We are not just another social service agency, we are the social service agency of the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta. We are owned by this Diocese, we are owned by the people of this Diocese.”

CatholicCare Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains


This article first appeared in the December 2017 print edition of Catholic Outlook.

At the request of Most Rev Vincent Long OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta, Catholic Outlook was printed in December 2017 to connect the Diocese and showcase the good works across the Diocese’s many agencies and ministries. 

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