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28 October 2020


What’s New in The Well:


My Journey, Our Journey – Chapter Two: The Climb

In this second of four episodes, witness Bishop Vincent, Idrissa and Kane courageously share their experience of fleeing their homes in the hope of safety.


Saturday Sessions – Parishes Working Together

Fr John Frauenfelder reflects on the 2013 Pastoral Plan from the Diocese of Wollongong. Whilst the plan was from some time ago, the principles and reflections that Fr John offers are still very relevant to our Church today.


The FaithFeed – Backstory Segments – A Living Example of Hope & Unconditional Love

Jose’s story touches on two core Christian themes: Hope as inseparable from what ‘Christian’ means and our ‘human nature in God’s image as love’. Donnie explores how these themes were developed in the making of Jose’s video.


Knowing the Community whom we are called to Serve

How well do we know the people who come to Mass? How well do we know those beyond the worshipping community? This webinar and accompanying resources explore these questions, plus others, using the Parish Social Profiles from the National Centre for Pastoral Research.



Popular in The Well:


Come Holy Spirit

This reflective video from the team at Catholic Youth Parramatta highlights the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and draws on some of the wisdom of our Pope’s. Many parishes and schools used this resource during their online contact with people as we experienced COVID-19 during Pentecost.


Spirituality in the Christian Tradition

In this second session, Sr Patty shares the foundation of Christian spirituality: Jesus Christ himself. When looking at the richness of our Christian spiritual heritage we learn about the spirituality of the early Christians and the ways of implementing it in our lives today.


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