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2 September 2020


What’s New in The Well 

Saturday Sessions – Part of Me Has Always Known: Mother Hilda Scott OSB

This weekly resource invites participants to watch a pre-recorded presentation in their own time or at a set time prior to discussion. Join a live group each Saturday or use locally with your own group. In this episode of  “Wisdom from the Abbey”, Mother Hilda Scott OSB, the current abbess at Jamberoo Abbey and a much-loved presenter from the Diocese of Wollongong, asks us to consider where we see the face of God in our lives.

FaithFlix – Episode 2 – Caring for All of Creation

This is an original, joy-filled series for 7- to 10-year-olds exploring a different theme each fortnight. Today, Natasha notices the wonderful world outside her window. Anne reminds us that Earth is an amazing gift from God. Together they explore the importance of caring for life and that we cannot continue to take from the Earth without giving back.

FaithFeed Podcast – Is Faith Talk Awkward?

How can I be less shy about asking questions when it comes to faith? Donnie, along with conversation partners Kim Chong and Francis O’Callaghan chat about their own experiences as a response to this question. Listen on your commute or join with friends and use this as a conversation starter.

Worship Wednesday featuring Unity in Diversity

Each week young Catholic musicians who serve parishes, schools and movements with their musical gifts across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains invite us into their home for LIVE, un-edited praise and worship. Worship Wednesday is a powerful tool to reach all of God’s people and spread a little joy and hope. You can use this weekly resource in your home or classroom.

Popular in The Well

Sacrament of Confirmation

This video, courtesy of the team at the Office for Worship, joined by Father Jack Green, break open some of the big questions relating to the Sacrament of Confirmation. This resource is proving incredibly popular in schools, parishes and with parents as they unpack this sacrament of  Christian initiation.

Lectio Divina

Another popular piece of content in partnership between Catholic Youth Parramatta and Chancery Communication Services are these handy, vibrant prayer resources for people of all ages. This one, in particular, is a downloadable, printable and foldable booklet that can be shared or used personally or with anyone else wanting to gently encounter this beautiful form of prayer.


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