Online and Webinar Support for Schools Exploring Modern Day Slavery

30 April 2020
Image: Mimi Thian/Unsplash.


Secondary school teachers wanting to teach students about modern-day slavery now have a free online resource and follow up webinar support produced by ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans).

The Modern Slavery: A Kit for Senior Secondary Students, which can be found on ACRATH’s website, was first developed with a focus on human trafficking in 2013 by teachers with over 30 years teaching experience. The kit has been expanded to include modern slavery and updated to support teachers working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A webinar to introduce the Modern Slavery: A Kit for Senior Secondary Students will be held on Monday 4th May at 3pm and repeated on Tuesday 5th May at 5pm. A Q&A Webinar will be held on Monday 11th May at 3pm and repeated on Tuesday 12th May at 5pm.

The four-step teaching kit now contains up-to-date resources and offers opportunities for investigation, deepening of knowledge and response by all students.

ACRATH President, Sr Louise Cleary csb, said many schools around Australia invite ACRATH staff and volunteers to speak to students every year.

“This kit is an effective way of delving into the issue, with rich questions being explored by students. During the pandemic school visits by ACRATH presenters are no longer possible, but teachers still want to include modern day slavery and human trafficking in their curriculum,” said Sr Louise, a former teacher and Principal.

“Teachers are being asked to set up new ways of facilitating learning in an unbelievably short space of time. Not all existing curriculum will convert to an online platform easily. ACRATH is thoroughly supportive of teachers and wishes to support them by offering this updated kit, which is well suited to remote learning.”

ACRATH’s Executive Officer Christine Carolan said the Modern Slavery: A Kit for Senior Secondary Students deals with a major issue of our time.

“The kit offers students and their teachers an opportunity to learn about a real issue that has a hugely detrimental impact on human beings. This issue affects all people, young and old, who buy and consume products. It must not be ignored. Importantly, the kit shows students how they can take action to address the problems they explore,” Ms Carolan said.

“Modern day slavery is a very powerful issue to raise with students during the pandemic because millions of vulnerable people around the world are at even greater risk of being trafficked and exploited during this global catastrophe.”

Webinar details:

The Modern Slavery: A Kit for Senior Secondary Students webinars will be co-hosted by ACRATH education committee members Marguerite Buckley and Cindy Bohan.

Introductory seminars will be offered on Monday May 4th at 3.00pm, to join click

This seminar will be repeated on Tuesday May 5th at 5.00pm, to join click

These introductory seminars will be followed up with a Q & A style seminar, again offered twice.

To join Monday May 11th at 3.00pm, click

This seminar will be repeated on Tuesday May 12th at 5.00pm, to join click


For more information on the kit contact Marguerite Buckley at

For information on joining the webinars contact Joseph Dunn at

For any other information on ACRATH contact Rosie Hoban on 0431 471 046 or


With thanks to ACRATH.


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