Palm Sunday procession in Parramatta from Town Hall to St Patrick's Cathedral
2015 Palm Sunday Procession. Image: Alphonsus Fok

Don’t forget this Sunday is Palm Sunday in Catholic parishes across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

As part of Holy Week ceremonies, the Parramatta CBD will come to a standstill as 1,000 Catholics from Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains conduct their annual Palm Sunday procession.

The pilgrims will wave palm leaves, burn incense and feature various multicultural groups from Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains. Student representatives from various Catholic schools will carry their respective school banners during the walk.

The hour-long procession – part of a 2,000 year Christian tradition – will commence 5.00pm Sunday 20 March at Parramatta Town Hall and conclude with Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral at 6pm.

More information on the Palm Sunday procession can be found here.

For a video of a previous walk visit

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