Parramatta parishioner on marrying Jesus

8 March 2019
Zara Tai during her Rite of Consecration of Women Living in the World in August 2017. Image: Cyron/Captured Frames/Diocese of Parramatta.


During a ceremony in 2017, Parramatta-based town planner Zara Tai committed herself to Jesus.

Ms Tai is one of nine women in Australia known as a “consecrated virgin.”

It’s a title bestowed to virgin women who promise to remain physical virgins, as brides of Christ, for the sake of the kingdom of God.

Consecrated virgins dedicate their life in prayer and service to the Church, but unlike nuns and sisters, they live and work in the secular world.

“I belong to Christ and I’m totally happy with it,” she said.


From ABC News – What is ‘consecrated virginity’ and why are modern women marrying Jesus?


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