Poet-theologian says isolation can bring gain as well as loss

By John L. Allen Jr, 16 April 2020
Dominican Father Paul Murray. Image: Laici Domenicani della Provincia Romana/Crux.


Dominican Father Paul Murray is one of English-language Catholicism’s most prominent contemporary theologians and poets. Born in Northern Ireland in 1947, he joined the Irish Dominican Province in 1966 and was ordained in 1973.

Murray has published five collections of poetry, including Scars: Essays, Poems, and Meditations on Affliction, and most recently, Stones and Stars in 2013, in addition to numerous books and essays on theology. He teaches the literature of the mystical tradition at Rome’s Dominican-run University of St. Thomas Aquinas, universally known as the “Angelicum.”

Crux recently reached out to Murray via email to talk about the spiritual significance and fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. The following are Murray’s responses.

To read part one of Crux’s interview, click here.

A link to part two of Crux’s interview will be published on Catholic Outlook tomorrow.

With thanks to Crux and John L. Allen Jr, where this article originally appeared.


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