Pope calls for fraternity ‘among ourselves and with creation’

By Christopher Wells, 26 May 2022
Image: OCG Saving The Ocean/Unsplash


Pope Francis receives participants in an International Conference entitled “Nature in Mind: A new culture of nature for the defence of biodiversity,” inviting them to find “new, more integrated, shared itineraries” in order to promote sustainable development.

Pope Francis on Saturday 21 May praised participants in an international conference on protecting biodiversity, saying their commitment “strengthens the urgent and responsible dialogue on the future of the planet.”

The Holy Father said the theme of the conference – “Nature in Mind: A New Culture of Nature for the Protection of Biodiversity” – calls to mind the wonder of St Bonaventure, who “invites us to discover the Transcendent through the beauty of nature.”

God, human beings, and creation

The Pope went on to say that as we can see God in nature, so human beings are able to find fulfilment “by overcoming selfishness and enjoying a shared beauty.”

“This dynamic bond between the Creator, the human creature, and other creatures is an alliance that cannot be broken without irremediable damage.”

In our age, he continued, “we do not need titanic heroism, but a meek and patient brotherhood among ourselves and with creation.”

Building a culture of care

This requires us “to identify new pedagogical paradigms” that can lead aimed at creating a dialogue between different kinds of knowledge and at “contributing to building the culture of care.”

“The culture of care is a culture of harmony, of preserving harmony, and not a culture of details that disrupt harmony.”

Such a culture, the Pope said, is linked to an inclusive education based on “the pillars of integral ecology.”

Pope Francis insisted, “It is necessary to be creatively open to new, more integrated, shared itineraries, directly connected to people and their context,” in order to promote a truly sustainable development.”

A global village of care

Here, too, he repeated, these efforts must be supported by education that emphasizes care for creation:

“We are all called to build the ‘global village of care’, to form a network of human relationships that reject all forms of discrimination, violence, and prevarication,” the Pope said, adding, “In this ‘village’ of ours, education becomes a bearer of fraternity and a generator of peace between peoples as well as dialogue between religions.”

Pope Francis concluded his remarks by voicing his appreciation for the “daily commitment” of those who are taking part in the conference and encouraging them to continue in that commitment “with courage.”

With thanks to Vatican News and Christopher Wells, where this article originally appeared.


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