Pope enlists a willing warrior to spread the message of Laudato Si’

By Mark Pattison, 29 December 2022
Protagonists from 'The Letter' (L-R) Cacique Dadá, Robin Martin, Arouna Kandé, Ridhima Pandey and Greg Asner. Image: Laudato Si Movement/Supplied


Pope Francis is getting more non-Catholics to do his work.

The latest is Nicolas Brown, who directed “The Letter: A Message for Our Earth,” a documentary on the pope’s 2015 encyclical “Laudato Si’, on Care for Our Common Home.”

The 90-minute film is already on YouTube, which helped produce it.

“We decided to make this film and not put it behind a paywall. We purposely did not go to Netflix and put it behind the reach of anybody,” Brown told Catholic News Service during a Dec. 7 video interview. Brown was speaking from Oxford, England, where he is at work on other environment-related projects.

He said he was skeptical when approached about making a film about the pope’s encyclical, which addresses caring for creation and the interconnectivity of all life on the planet.

“I’m not Catholic, I’m not religious. I’m agnostic, let’s say,” Brown said. But when he read Laudato Si’ in Rome, he admitted, “I was blown away. The proverbial plank was lifted from my eyes. I think I was quite prejudiced against people of faith, thinking that because they had their belief and faith, they wouldn’t support my personal truth and belief.”

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Watch the full documentary on YouTube here.

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