Pope Francis greets heads of states on his way to Mozambique

5 September 2019
Pope Francis on the plane on his way to Mozambique. Image: Vatican News.


While in flight on his way to Mozambique, Pope Francis sent telegrams to the heads of state as he flew over each of their countries.

On his way to Mozambique, Pope Francis flew over Italy, Greece, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. As he flew over each country, he sent his greetings to each head of state.

In each of the telegrams, he expressed his greetings, prayers and asked God’s blessing upon the people living in each of the countries. In particular, he asked that God might grant “you peace and joy” as he flew over Greece, extended “blessings of peace and prosperity” as he flew over Egypt, prayed for “blessings of peace and reconciliation” as he flew over Sudan, “blessings of peace” as he flew over South Sudan, “prayers for peace and harmony” as he flew over Uganda, prayers for “peace and well-being” as he flew over Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia.

With thanks to Vatican News, where this article originally appeared.


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