Pope says women leaders ‘better’ than men

By Christopher Lamb, 24 November 2020
Image: Unsplash


Pope Francis says countries with female leaders have handled the Covid-19 pandemic better than others and that he has increased the number of women in decision making roles in the Vatican because they are “much better administrators than men”.

The Jesuit Pope made his remarks in a new book that sets out his vision for a post-Covid world with a strong focus on social, economic and political issues.

“The countries with women as presidents or prime ministers have on the whole reacted better and more quickly than others, making decisions swiftly and communicating them with empathy,” the Pope writes in Let Us Dream, written in conversation with Austen Ivereigh, the papal biographer and a former deputy editor of The Tablet.

His comments echo the plaudits given to female leaders in countries such as New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, Taiwan and Finland for their handling of Covid-19, often placed in sharp contrast with strongmen populist leaders who have tended to use a narrative of blame and struggled to manage the crisis.

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With thanks to The Tablet and Christopher Lamb.

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