Prayer for World Day of the Sick 2022

11 February 2022
Image: Diocese of Parramatta


Prayer for World Day of the Sick 2022 


Merciful God, 

you care for your people 

with the strength of a father 

and the tenderness of a mother; 

and you desire to give us 

new life in the Holy Spirit. 

You sent Jesus your Son 

as Saviour of all people; 

he proclaimed the gospel of the Kingdom 

and healed those who suffered 

from illness and disease. 


We ask you to send the grace of your Son to us now, 

that he may bring healing and hope 

to all who suffer with infirmity and sickness. 


Send the Holy Spirit 

to impart that new life 

which comes from Jesus your Son, 

through the power of his death and resurrection. 

May the same life-giving Spirit 

sustain and enlighten 

all who care for the sick and infirm, 

and all who seek cures for the diseases 

that afflict our human condition. 


Through Christ, our Healer and Lord. 



Mary, Health of the Infirm, 

Pray for us.


With thanks to the ACBC and Catholic Health Australia.


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